Prelisting Inspection Info for Sellers

Reduce Surprises

Our knowledgeable inspectors and detailed reporting will help you know about potential issues before you go under contract. Reduce the risk of last minute re-negotiations, unexpected problems during a buyer's inspection, or even a buyer cancellation.

Net More Money

Buyers tend to over-estimate the cost of repairs, then deducting that over-estimated amount from their offer price. Also, our informative report can help you substantiate a higher asking price if problems don't exist or have been corrected. And you will be able to shop for competitive contractors and hire a repair person you trust, not at the mercy of the buyer's contractor's estimate.

Upload Repair Receipts

Easily upload repair receipts and maintenance records to your Home Binder so the potential buyers know that you have taken care of things!

Home Shows Better

When repairs are done before putting your home on the market, it helps your home show better, which can lead to higher offers. As we mentioned, prelisting inspections can net you more money.

Follow Up with Potential Buyers

When a potential buyer requests a copy of your inspection report and repair details, your real estate agent will be able to follow up with leads to help generate interest.


1What if I can't pay for a repair now?
We have found some great vendors that are willing to wait until close of escrow to be paid! You can get the repair done, upload the repair details to your Home Binder, and the vendor will wait until you close on the house to get paid. Please be sure to check with each vendor for their terms.
2Do I have to make my report available to buyers?
No, the report does not have to be readily available to potential buyers. Just order a "Full Seller's Prelisting Inspection" and we won't post it to and we won't put a sign in your yard. The Buy Back Guarantee is still transferable to the new buyer.
3What if I just want to know about the "big stuff?"
We have an option to just have the major deficiencies inspected. Since this is not a full inspection and does not follow the standards, these homes are not eligible for the Buy Back Guarantee unless the buyer has their full home inspection performed by us.