Prelisting Inspection Info for Agents

Follow Up With Potential Buyers is the new sign call! Potential buyers will request our inspection report and we will let you know immediately. You can then follow up with the potential buyer as you would a sign call.

Reduce Surprises

Our knowledgeable inspectors and detailed reporting will help you know about potential issues before you go under contract. Reduce the risk of last minute re-negotiations, unexpected problems during a buyer's inspection, or even a buyer cancellation.

Help Your Seller Set a Realistic Price

By knowing the property's condition up front and seeing the property through the eyes of a third party, you can help your seller client set a realistic asking price.

Home Shows Better

When repairs are done before putting the property on the market, it helps the home show better, which can lead to higher offers and less days on market.

Repairs Paid at Close of Escrow

We are often asked, "But what if my seller can't afford to do repairs now?" We have some great vendors who are willing to wait to be paid until close of escrow. Your seller can get the repairs done and take care of the costs when it's more convenient.

Help Your Seller Client Net More Money

Buyers tend to over-estimate the cost of repairs, then deducting that over-estimated amount from their offer price. Also, our informative report can help you substantiate a higher asking price if problems don't exist or have been corrected. And your seller client will be able to shop for competitive contractors and hire a repair person they trust, not at the mercy of the buyer's contractor's estimate.